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New Class requirements per our course meeting 2

To review and to make sure our learners who were unable to attend this last session here are the bullet points: 

1. Next week we will be meeting in the library (2nd floor main area) to learn more about how to find reliable sources for our amendments research.

2. Our final assignment is now a self-directed research project about one of the 27 amendments to the US constitution.

3. We will decide next week how to best distribute the amendments to ensure that not everyone picks the same one, making the project very boring.

4. You may do any of the work listed on the website as extra credit.  The online assignments in particular will help you build skills necessary for academic research and for life skills.

5. We will apply the learning outcomes attached in the picture here as our guide for grading. I will work on a table so we can put together a rubric in later classes.

6. You agree to help me and future students by providing a reflection and suggesting whether we should continue this project with future classes.