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Welcome to Constitutional Law (CRJ 6600)

I am Professor Jason M. Leggett, and I am your instructor for this course. Please read on for important details and information.

CRJ6600 is a one-semester required course for Criminal Justice Majors. This semester this course is fully online. The course is organized by week. Each week’s work should be completed that week. The course material and information regarding the syllabus, outline, and policies is organized in the panel to the left. Announcements and emails will be sent out at the beginning of each week to help you keep pace with the course. I welcome any/all questions/concerns/input you may have. If you receive accommodations and would like to use them, please let me know so we can work together to implement them. If you have a preferred pronoun (ex. he, she, they, etc.), please let me know so that I may address you according to your preference(s). I look forward to hearing from you.

About Your Professor

Professor Jason M. Leggett is an Assistant Professor in the Criminal Justice Program located in the Department of Behavioral Sciences. I have been teaching at Kingsborough since 2010 and have also taught at Barnard College in the Diversity Summer Program. I teach legal studies courses including Constitutional Law, the U.S. Judiciary, Introduction to Law and Society, and Environmental Law and Politics. I conduct social science research that focuses on the gap between formal legal language & processes and everyday understanding of legality. I am particularly interested in how people who experience injustice might mobilize using rights talk against those injustices. I have published articles about culturally responsive and sustaining teaching practices, civic learning & democratic engagement, equitable uses of technology in education, and legal mobilization. I have also worked as an advisor and organizers on social issues including homelessness, immigration, climate change, racism, reproductive rights, and educational equality.

the best way to contact me is through the Kingsborough email: jason.leggett@kbcc.cuny.edu


Equity Statement and Commitment to Full Participation


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